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Who says campground management isn’t fun?

In case you missed this, a British company has introduced a new computer game called Camping Manager 2012. According to a recent release, the game provides the opportunity to build and manage your own vacation paradise. Keep your guests happy and you could earn a fortune! Choose your camp site and begin with the construction of your first tents and caravans.

Camping Manager 2012 by Excalibur PublishingCamping Manager 2012 by Excalibur Publishing

Managing a campground reduced to a video game? I don’t know about you, but I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand, having a game about park management is flattering, kind of like the Robin Williams movie, RV, was flattering in a kind of backhanded way.¬† On the other hand, reducing what you do to a video game seems a bit demeaning.

I guess it’s better to be flattered than to feel demeaned. Let’s go play!